Management reports

rapports de gestion  Performance at a Glance

Measuring the performance of marketing investments is as easy as 1-2-3.

Covalent CRM includes a feature to automatically generate dashboards, which are sent periodically by email. Dashboard displays are flexible and tailored to the information needs of individual users and their hierarchical positions:

  • Company management : Multi-level dashboards on the sales, marketing, and customer service departments: return on investments in campaigns and sales, customer loyalty, sales projections, etc.
  • Sales department : Return on sales investments, target achievement per sales rep, sales projections per sales rep, sales rep activity reports, list of opportunities lost or gained, number of accounts, etc.
  • Marketing department : Campaign performance, results by customer segment, sales results by product group, etc.

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Informed management

All managers automatically receive a dashboard tailored to their information needs based on the frequency selected. This reliable, strategic data, provided in real time, helps them manage their departments proactively and quickly react to problem situations.

Investment optimization

Evaluating return on investment (sales actions and marketing campaigns) helps optimize investments and focus on the most profitable actions.