Sales structure and methods

structure et methode de vente  Implement proven sales methods

The best practices for the best results.

Covalent CRM adjusts to your management approach and allows you to establish methods that help follow up on quotes, sales efforts, and other activities. If you wish, you can impose best sales practices on your sales force in their day-to-day operations :

    • Obligatory next step on all sales opportunities to prevent any opportunities from being lost.
    • Obligation to commit : Every opportunity must be tied to a sales projection evaluated by the sales rep and to a projected sales close date, committing all sales reps to results.
    • Qualification survey : An integrated customized survey to weight leads for qualification, so that your efforts focus only on qualified ones.

Reliable sales projections

With these methods, you can count on reliable sales projections to manage growth and anticipate any failure to meet your targets. The surprise factor has been eliminated and you can react quickly to correct any situation.

Control of the sales cycle

By imposing all the steps of the sales process, you control the sales cycle and ensure each sales step is followed. All sales team members follow the same procedures for lead qualification and customer service quality.

Integrated marketing intelligence

Thanks to the qualification survey, which weights opportunities by importance and links them to the daily planning of sales reps, all sales reps follow the same strategy, apply the same methods, and focus their efforts where there is true potential, maximizing your marketing performance on every level.