Advanced queries and lists

requetes et listes avancees  Observe. Analyze. Act.

Manage proactively using detailed database analyses and reliable projections.

The cross-reference query engine and the advanced search filter make it possible to analyze the database for strategic and operational purposes :

  • Advanced financial queries : Covalent CRM integrates an advanced query engine linked to financial results, allowing you to highlight strategic observations, e.g., customized comparative reports (monthly or quarterly sales, performance of product categories and sales reps, etc.), revenue and profit margin per account (including comparisons by product family), etc.
  • Operational lists : The purpose of operational lists is to ensure sales actions are followed up completely. These customizable lists allow the sales manager to see at a glance all sales actions under way and act quickly on them, e.g., list of delayed followup, list of accounts not examined in six months, etc.

Proactive adjustements

By comparing these results to targets, the Sales Department can anticipate shortfalls, for example, and act quickly on any anticipated decrease in results. Corrective measures can easily be generated on a case-by-case or batch basis in the short term, acting at the source.

Oprations management

Operational lists provide the sales manager with a clear and easy-to-understand overview of sales rep actions and helps prioritize weekly followup actions.

Strategic management

Thanks to its reliable sales projections and integration with the financial system, database analysis generated by Covalent CRM makes it a strategic decision-making support tool.