About us

Our Mission : Your Efficiency

Covalent CRM is software developed by TLM, a team of information management and business process solutions specialists. TLM specializes in management performance computer tools. Given the sales performance generated by CRM software, TLM developed Covalent CRM, customer relationship management and sales force automation software.

  • The key to success : Customization to your business

Our experience in management system implementation means we are firmly committed to providing you with quality customization to your processes, which is critical to the success of information management projects. Covalent CRM was designed to be extremely flexible, providing a high degree of customization and integrating with Outlook, an already-familiar business tool.

  • A whole team behind the software and management intelligence

TLM relies on a team of technical experts, engineers, and project managers familiar with the business intelligence and information management systems needs of medium and large businesses. You get high-level, complementary expertise in one team and one software package to improve your performance.

  • Listening to customer needs

TLM conducts satisfaction and user-friendliness studies to continually improve your management efficiency and operational performance. Sensitive to the needs of its customers and users, it makes any modifications necessary to tailor Covalent CRM perfectly to your needs by means of regular updates.