Opportunity management

gestion opportunites  Don't miss any more sales opportunities

Track your leads and customers more closely than ever.

Covalent CRM organizes sales rep activities effectively and ensures all sales opportunities are followed up on.

  • Notices and reminders
  • Priority action lists
  • Assignment of opportunities
  • Sales structure and methods

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An efficient organizing tool

Integrated directly with Outlook, Covalent CRM is an intuitive daily planning tool that is easy for users to adopt. Its functionalities are the mainstay of daily sales rep planning :

  • Opportunity reminders
  • Email notices of assigned activities
  • Actions and appointments on the calendar

Priority action lists

Covalent CRM helps produce lists of urgent opportunities and priority actions (e.g., list of followup delays, report on opportunities under way). The automated sales rep dashboard facilitates weekly planning and followup prioritization.

Team opportunity management

Each department collaborates to maximize opportunities and Covalent CRM coordinates followup. When you assign sales actions for a batch of target contacts, they are automatically sent by email to the sales rep and included in their reminders.

Functional anywhere

Covalent CRM makes job mobility extremely effective and worry-free. It integrates with mobile devices and offers local mode functionality. Serving customers away from the office has never been so efficient ! To maximize opportunity followup effectiveness, Covalent CRM adapts to your sales management approach and integrates your opportunity management practices into the day-to-day activities of sales reps.