Sales department

Manage sales effectively

Maximize sales opportunities with a structured team and assess its performance in real time.

maitrisez le processus de vente  Control the sales process and standardize methods

Covalent CRM lets you control the sales process and provides effective sales force automation adapted to your management approach. You can, for example, systemize sales practices by :

  • Making followup of every opportunity a requirement with a “next step
  • Systematically linking a sales forecast with a sales close date
  • Qualifying your leads using a company-specific survey

gerez en temps reel  Manage sales progession in real time

Sales management is transparent with dashboards that provide at-a-glance views of main sales results and activity reports.

  • Dashboards can be customized to include information such as sales target achievement rates, sales rep activity rates, sales projections, or other, more advanced queries.
  • Dashboards are automated and sent directly by email.
  • Dashboards are reliable, allowing you to base your analyses on calculated sales projections.

equipez vos vendeurs  Equip your sales reps with efficient tool

Integrated with Outlook, Covalent CRM is a daily planning tool for sales reps that is operational, intuitive, and effective.

  • It integrates Outlook task, reminder, and calendar functions.
  • It provides operational lists highlighting priority actions.
  • It offers all users the possibility of assigning it an action when there is an opportunity.