Campaign management

gestion de campagne  A new approach to campaign

Campaigns that are easy to design, clearly measured, highly targeted, and easy to operationalize, in just a few clicks, using a single interface.


The campaign management functionality helps generate a campaign quickly in just a few steps :

    1. Target : Target contacts quickly and accurately based on segmentation and financial criteria in your database. It takes only minutes !

    2. Define : Covalent CRM lets you plan marketing campaigns with multiple components, including email, paper, and sales actions.

    3. Send : In just one click, information on the sent campaign is automatically integrated with the contact file.

    4. Evaluate : Track the results of your campaigns, including opportunities and profits on generated sales.

    5. Assign : Assign opportunity followups to the sales team by batch processing lists of target contacts based on their reaction to your mailing.

Maximize investment

Every single campaign is tracked to the very last opportunity in terms of sales rep followup, allowing you to calculate the number of opportunities generated, their value, and sales generated. Maximize your investments by targeting the most profitable campaigns.

Operate efficiently

Thanks to Covalent CRM, you can now target a customer database based on qualitative and financial criteria. For each campaign, you can share the database, create various campaign components, send the campaign, analyze the results, and act on the interests shown in just minutes, saving hours of time.

Share information to maintain campaign continuity

Data on sent campaigns and customer reaction to the information is automatically included in the contact file. All business communications are known to all users and actions are assigned in followup to interests: campaigns continue until the last sale.