Centralized customer information

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Everything is there. Look no further.

All the information in one single account

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All information on your customers and leads is centralized in a single database for all users. For each account, Covalent CRM lists :

  • Detailed contact information, including your customized categories, customer location on Google Maps, and electronic documents
  • Financial information
  • Related activities (sales, marketing, or customer service)
  • Details on related opportunities

Increased sales team productivity and collaboration.

Customer service performance 

Exhaustive and detailed up-to-date contact records provide your Customer Service Department with everything it needs to offer outstanding service.


The database can be accessed and used for all sales, marketing, and customer service operations.


The centralized database is maintained by all users. Information is up-to-date at all times and no contacts are duplicated. Analyses are reliable and sales or marketing actions are targeted and effective.


All modifications to the database are stored in memory. Access rights are managed on a per-user basis and may be managed by Active Directory, which is integrated with your internal security system. Your business remains the owner of its database—no need to worry !