Marketing department

Integrated and informed marketing

Covalent CRM reinvents collaboration and efficiency.

gestion de campagne  Marketing campaign management. The watchword is efficiency.

Marketing campaign management is extremely efficient with Covalent CRM.

  • Targeted : You can generate contact lists using queries that cross-reference segmentation and financial criteria.
  • Fast : Data is extracted in just minutes and integrated into the campaign management module in just a few clicks. Email, paper, and sales campaigns can be applied in batches.
  • Measured : Campaign cost-effectiveness for generating leads is easy to calculate.

la gestion collaborative de campagnes  Collaborative campaign management

Marketing campaign management and generating leads are everybody’s business: all communications are recorded in the contact records as well as the actions contacts take upon receiving a communication.

  • Customer Service is informed in detail about company interactions with its contacts.
  • Actions can be assigned to sales reps based on reactions to messages : the effects of the campaign continue in sales actions.

intelligence de gestion  Management intelligence just a click away

Covalent CRM is a strategic decision-making tool that allows you to analyze previously disparate elements. A few clicks are all it takes to analyze sales projections and financial results, either by segment or any other database criteria.