Benefits of crm

Maximize your marketing performance

With easy-to-adopt, easy-to-use CRM that generates transparent results

centralisez ensemble informations clients  Centralize all your customer information

A single database lists all information on your customers :

  • Accessible and operational data for your sales force and your sales, marketing, and customer service departments
  • Provides complete details on contacts, interaction history, actions pertaining to each customer, and financial information
  • Exhaustive and highly reliable database that is used and maintained by all users

gerez etroitement opportunites vente  Manage sales opportunities closely

Covalent CRM closely manages all actions on contacts and opportunity followups and notes incomplete actions in activity reports. No opportunity is lost.

structurez vos ventes  Structure your sales

Covalent CRM integrates the best sales practices. All your sales reps adopt the same best practices. The result is consistency, performance, and opportunity optimization.

evaluez en continu perdormance operations  Continually assess operational performance

Covalent CRM integrates automated management dashboards tailored to your needs. Sales projections and results, returns on investment, and strategic management information have never been so transparent and easy to obtain.


Integrated and informed marketing

Covalent CRM reinvents collaboration and efficiency.

gestion de campagne  Marketing campaign management. The watchword is efficiency.

Marketing campaign management is extremely efficient with Covalent CRM.

  • Targeted : You can generate contact lists using queries that cross-reference segmentation and financial criteria.
  • Fast : Data is extracted in just minutes and integrated into the campaign management module in just a few clicks. Email, paper, and sales campaigns can be applied in batches.
  • Measured : Campaign cost-effectiveness for generating leads is easy to calculate.

la gestion collaborative de campagnes  Collaborative campaign management

Marketing campaign management and generating leads are everybody’s business: all communications are recorded in the contact records as well as the actions contacts take upon receiving a communication.

  • Customer Service is informed in detail about company interactions with its contacts.
  • Actions can be assigned to sales reps based on reactions to messages : the effects of the campaign continue in sales actions.

intelligence de gestion  Management intelligence just a click away

Covalent CRM is a strategic decision-making tool that allows you to analyze previously disparate elements. A few clicks are all it takes to analyze sales projections and financial results, either by segment or any other database criteria.

Manage sales effectively

Maximize sales opportunities with a structured team and assess its performance in real time.

maitrisez le processus de vente  Control the sales process and standardize methods

Covalent CRM lets you control the sales process and provides effective sales force automation adapted to your management approach. You can, for example, systemize sales practices by :

  • Making followup of every opportunity a requirement with a “next step
  • Systematically linking a sales forecast with a sales close date
  • Qualifying your leads using a company-specific survey

gerez en temps reel  Manage sales progession in real time

Sales management is transparent with dashboards that provide at-a-glance views of main sales results and activity reports.

  • Dashboards can be customized to include information such as sales target achievement rates, sales rep activity rates, sales projections, or other, more advanced queries.
  • Dashboards are automated and sent directly by email.
  • Dashboards are reliable, allowing you to base your analyses on calculated sales projections.

equipez vos vendeurs  Equip your sales reps with efficient tool

Integrated with Outlook, Covalent CRM is a daily planning tool for sales reps that is operational, intuitive, and effective.

  • It integrates Outlook task, reminder, and calendar functions.
  • It provides operational lists highlighting priority actions.
  • It offers all users the possibility of assigning it an action when there is an opportunity.

Does your business use Outlook ?
Want to sell more, build customer loyalty, and make the best investment decisions ?

Here’s the CRM solution designed for you.

pense pour utilisateur outlook  Centralize all your customer information

Centralizing all your customer information in one place ensures collaborative customer relationship management by allowing all your marketing departments to share essential information on your clientele.

  • Your database is always up-to-date
  • It can be used by all users for operations and analysis
  • Your company offers incomparable customer service

informations de gestion inegalees   Don't miss any more sales opportunities

Thanks to its ergonomic design and integration with Outlook, Covalent CRM can be quickly mastered by sales reps. It integrates systematic opportunity monitoring mechanisms and management operations reports, ensuring that :

  • No follow-up is missed
  • All opportunities are clearly defined and maximized
  • Sales management is in real time

integre systeme financier Measure the return on your sales and marketing investments

Thanks to its reliable sales projections and integration with the financial system, the Covalent CRM solution.

  • Provides automated management reports that are clear and detailed
  • Can calculate the cost-effectiveness of campaigns up to the value of the final sale
  • Lets you concentrate activity planning on the most profitable investments

fonctionnalites puissantes de crm  Create campaigns easily

Covalent CRM integrates campaign management with your processes and database. Generating campaigns for a specific query is:

  • Fast : It only takes a few minutes, giving you more time to think.
  • Collaborative : Campaign information appears in the customer file.
  • Informed : The results are clear, from the click on the message to the value of the opportunity.