CRM features

requetes et listes avancees  Observe. Analyze. Act.

Manage proactively using detailed database analyses and reliable projections.

The cross-reference query engine and the advanced search filter make it possible to analyze the database for strategic and operational purposes :

  • Advanced financial queries : Covalent CRM integrates an advanced query engine linked to financial results, allowing you to highlight strategic observations, e.g., customized comparative reports (monthly or quarterly sales, performance of product categories and sales reps, etc.), revenue and profit margin per account (including comparisons by product family), etc.
  • Operational lists : The purpose of operational lists is to ensure sales actions are followed up completely. These customizable lists allow the sales manager to see at a glance all sales actions under way and act quickly on them, e.g., list of delayed followup, list of accounts not examined in six months, etc.

Proactive adjustements

By comparing these results to targets, the Sales Department can anticipate shortfalls, for example, and act quickly on any anticipated decrease in results. Corrective measures can easily be generated on a case-by-case or batch basis in the short term, acting at the source.

Oprations management

Operational lists provide the sales manager with a clear and easy-to-understand overview of sales rep actions and helps prioritize weekly followup actions.

Strategic management

Thanks to its reliable sales projections and integration with the financial system, database analysis generated by Covalent CRM makes it a strategic decision-making support tool.


rapports de gestion  Performance at a Glance

Measuring the performance of marketing investments is as easy as 1-2-3.

Covalent CRM includes a feature to automatically generate dashboards, which are sent periodically by email. Dashboard displays are flexible and tailored to the information needs of individual users and their hierarchical positions:

  • Company management : Multi-level dashboards on the sales, marketing, and customer service departments: return on investments in campaigns and sales, customer loyalty, sales projections, etc.
  • Sales department : Return on sales investments, target achievement per sales rep, sales projections per sales rep, sales rep activity reports, list of opportunities lost or gained, number of accounts, etc.
  • Marketing department : Campaign performance, results by customer segment, sales results by product group, etc.

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Informed management

All managers automatically receive a dashboard tailored to their information needs based on the frequency selected. This reliable, strategic data, provided in real time, helps them manage their departments proactively and quickly react to problem situations.

Investment optimization

Evaluating return on investment (sales actions and marketing campaigns) helps optimize investments and focus on the most profitable actions.

structure et methode de vente  Implement proven sales methods

The best practices for the best results.

Covalent CRM adjusts to your management approach and allows you to establish methods that help follow up on quotes, sales efforts, and other activities. If you wish, you can impose best sales practices on your sales force in their day-to-day operations :

    • Obligatory next step on all sales opportunities to prevent any opportunities from being lost.
    • Obligation to commit : Every opportunity must be tied to a sales projection evaluated by the sales rep and to a projected sales close date, committing all sales reps to results.
    • Qualification survey : An integrated customized survey to weight leads for qualification, so that your efforts focus only on qualified ones.

Reliable sales projections

With these methods, you can count on reliable sales projections to manage growth and anticipate any failure to meet your targets. The surprise factor has been eliminated and you can react quickly to correct any situation.

Control of the sales cycle

By imposing all the steps of the sales process, you control the sales cycle and ensure each sales step is followed. All sales team members follow the same procedures for lead qualification and customer service quality.

Integrated marketing intelligence

Thanks to the qualification survey, which weights opportunities by importance and links them to the daily planning of sales reps, all sales reps follow the same strategy, apply the same methods, and focus their efforts where there is true potential, maximizing your marketing performance on every level.

gestion opportunites  Don't miss any more sales opportunities

Track your leads and customers more closely than ever.

Covalent CRM organizes sales rep activities effectively and ensures all sales opportunities are followed up on.

  • Notices and reminders
  • Priority action lists
  • Assignment of opportunities
  • Sales structure and methods

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An efficient organizing tool

Integrated directly with Outlook, Covalent CRM is an intuitive daily planning tool that is easy for users to adopt. Its functionalities are the mainstay of daily sales rep planning :

  • Opportunity reminders
  • Email notices of assigned activities
  • Actions and appointments on the calendar

Priority action lists

Covalent CRM helps produce lists of urgent opportunities and priority actions (e.g., list of followup delays, report on opportunities under way). The automated sales rep dashboard facilitates weekly planning and followup prioritization.

Team opportunity management

Each department collaborates to maximize opportunities and Covalent CRM coordinates followup. When you assign sales actions for a batch of target contacts, they are automatically sent by email to the sales rep and included in their reminders.

Functional anywhere

Covalent CRM makes job mobility extremely effective and worry-free. It integrates with mobile devices and offers local mode functionality. Serving customers away from the office has never been so efficient ! To maximize opportunity followup effectiveness, Covalent CRM adapts to your sales management approach and integrates your opportunity management practices into the day-to-day activities of sales reps.